FNS Overseas Marketing Team Training

FNS Overseas Marketing Team Training

Recently, shenzhen FNS Power Technology Inc., in order to enhance the professional knowledge of overseas marketing team, in order to more efficient and timely response to customer needs, in order to help customers to win market opportunities, we cooperate with partners in the industry to carry out technical exchanges and system training.The training content includes off-grid household energy storage inverter, industrial and commercial energy storage inverter, hybrid inverter, rectifier system, etc., and the integration and coordination of energy storage lithium batteries produced by FNS energy storage power supply/SACREDSUN (FNS parent company).

Inverter product knowledge training site

FNS company always take the customer as the center, take the quality as the survival of this, supported by professional knowledge, in order to "promote the development of new energy efficient, energy efficient utilization" for the mission, with "wisdom energy, sharing low carbon life" vision for the enterprise, based on the parent storage advantage resources, system integration to realize intelligent battery, power supply, intelligent and intelligent system, provide customers with intelligent power supply system solutions, implementation of "X + smart" development strategy.


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