200W Portable ESS

200W Portable power supply

This unit will provide portable power with a range of AC/DC/USB outputs,to keep your smartphones, tablets,lights&others mall electrical devices charged&operating.



222Wh/200W Lithium battery portable energy storage power supply: 

- Battery: Li-ion-60000mAh=222Wh

Inverter: Fix the sine-200W

Charge: AC Adapter+Car Charger+Solar

Discharge: AC110V/220V+DC12V+USB5V

LED lighting: lighting/flicker/SOS Call

- QC3.0 fast charge: √

Type-C output: √

Battery specification : 18650-3S8P-20000mAh-11.1V
AC Output: AC Output 230V ±5, Frequency: 50Hz 
DC Output : USB Output: 2 x USB-A: 5V/2.4A, 1 x USB-A: QC3.0, 3 to 12V/18W, 1 x TYPE-C : QC3.0, 3 to 12V/18W, 4 x DC5521: 9 to 12.6V/10A (max. 14.5A).

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Battery capacity:60000mAH=222Wh,3.7V
Internal battery:Lithium battery
Solar panels (sold separately):50W
Inverter:Modified wave – 200W
Full charge time:DC15V/3A:7-8 hours
Input charging:Adaptor: DC15V/3A or solar panel: MPPT 14V-22V,max 3A
4 DC output:4xDC5521: 9V-12.6V/10A (max. 15A)
AC output:110V/220V,200W
4 USB outputs:2xUSB-A:5V-2.4A 1xUSB-A:QC3.0,3-12V/18W 1xTYPE-C:QC3.0,3-12V/18W
3W super bright LED:flashlight/flash/alarm
Power Indicator:LED Display
Number of cycles:500
Weight:approximately 2.4KG
Charging mode:CC/CV
Accessories:power adapter/car charger/cigarette lighter/user’s manual


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