LFP Battery Bank

Every FNS 48V lithium-ion battery bank includes a cabinet with pre-programed BMS, battery modules, pre-installed busbars, DC disconnects, overcurrent protection, communication cables, monitoring hardware, and online system performance monitoring.
Designed, assembled, and tested by a most experienced team in FNS Power, our 48v lithium-ion battery bank is a best-in-class energy storage system that provides unparalleled safety, reliability, and performance. Integrated BMS actively balances cells and monitors cell voltage, temperature, state of charge( SOC), over-current, over-charge, and provides fault detection via CANbus or RS485. FNS battery bank gives you a hassle-free experience, peace of mind, pride in robust performance and a leading lifetime at a much less cost. .
Multiple systems can be installed together to meet the needs of a wide variety of home sizes and energy consumption profiles.


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