• Li-Ion Battery Module 48V100Ah(3U)

Li-Ion Battery Module 48V100Ah(3U)



48V Series Li-Ion Battery Module<\/span><\/strong><\/p>

Range Summary:<\/span><\/p>

FnS 48V Li-ion Battery Module Series is a 48V deep cycle lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery and equipped with highly reliable and safe prismatic cells, build-in BMS, and smart remote control DTU. <\/span><\/p>

It is rack-mounted, light-weight and scalable for installation into standard 19\u2033 rack or cabinet. FNS LiFePO4 48v battery is inherently safe and robust, and designed to have an extremely long life cycle due to the stable chemical composition.  <\/span><\/p>

Built-in Battery Management System (BMS) protects the cells against excessively high or low voltages, high currents, short circuits, and excessive heat or cold. Automatic cell balancing (by the BMS) reduces the charging rate in cells that have been topped off first, letting the rest of the cells to regulate voltage. This ensures that the cells are always balanced <\/span>and ensures the quality and efficiency of the battery. The BMS is designed to gaurantee a long lifetime, safe handling and high-accuracy State of Charge (SOC) calculations based on industry leading algorithms. Multiple batteries can be wired in parallel with up to 15 units for increased capacity (no series wiring). <\/span><\/span><\/p>

48v battery module has UL1973, UL1642, IEC62133, and UN38.3 certifications. Communication port: RS232, RS485, Canbus, Modbus\/SNMP\/TACP.<\/span><\/p>

The microgrid is a regional autonomous power system composed of a variety of distributed power sources, energy storage, load, and related monitoring and protection devices, which can realize self-control and management. Existing research and practice show that distributed power sources are connected to the distribution network in the form of microgrid, which is the most effective way to exert the efficiency of distributed power sources. In recent years, all countries in the world have increased their attention and development to distributed power generation and micro-grid technology. Micro-grid technology is developing rapidly and the results are also being vigorously promoted and applied.<\/span><\/p>

Compared with traditional power systems, distributed power sources in microgrid have many types, various operation modes, different control strategies and different degrees of controllability. Proper and effective multi-source coordinated control is the key to realize stable, reliable and efficient operation of the system, and is also the premise to solve other problems such as optimal configuration and relay protection.Distributed cooperative control takes into account the advantages of traditional centralized and decentralized control, promotes global information sharing based on local information interaction, realizes global optimization of local control decisions by sparse communication, and adapts to the higher requirements for real-time, flexibility and reliability of microgrid operation and the control requirements of "plug and play". As a result, it has received extensive attention and in-depth research from experts and scholars in the field of microgrid at home and abroad.<\/span><\/p>



\u2022 <\/span>Intelligence: Built-in smart BMS, remote wireless DTU control and monitoring<\/span><\/p>

\u2022Longevity\uff1a6000@90%DOD 0.5C rate<\/span><\/p>

\u2022Warranty:5 years full replacement \/10 years prorated warranty<\/span><\/p>

\u2022 Low Cost: very competitive price per k<\/span>W<\/span>h<\/span><\/p>

\u2022 <\/span>Efficiency: 98% of round trip efficiency\uff08RTE\uff09<\/span><\/p>

\u2022 <\/span>Compatibility: Compatible with all industry-standard inverter\/charge controllers<\/span><\/p>

\u2022 <\/span>Safety: Lithium Iron Phosphate \u2013the safest lithium-ion chemistry available, No cobalt, no thermal runaway or fire<\/span><\/p>

\u2022 <\/span>Maintenance: maintenance-free, no ventilation, cooling or thermal regulation required<\/span><\/p>



It can be used for off-grid solar systems, and for grid-tie or emergency backup power systems with or without solar. It is highly recommended for a residential energy storage system to maximize solar usage, lower electricity bills, and increase energy independence. It is compatible with all industry-standard <\/span>in<\/span>verter<\/span><\/span> <\/span>\/charge controllers. <\/span><\/p>

\u2022 <\/span>Off-grid Solar system <\/span><\/p>

\u2022 <\/span>Grid backup <\/span><\/p>

\u2022 <\/span>On-grid for self-consumption, TOU, zero export, demand charge<\/span><\/p>

\u2022 <\/span>UPS & emergency backup<\/span><\/p>

\u2022 <\/span>Telecom system<\/span><\/p>

\u2022 <\/span>Recreational Vehicles <\/span><\/p>

\u2022 <\/span>Marine system<\/span><\/p>


Basic Parameters<\/span><\/strong><\/p><\/td><\/tr>



Anode Material<\/span><\/p><\/td>


Nominal Voltage (V)<\/span><\/p><\/td>




Rated Capacity (Ah)<\/span><\/p><\/td>

50 (0.5C\uff0c<\/span>25\u2103)<\/span><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>

Rated Energy (kWh)<\/span><\/p><\/td>


Dimensions (W\u00d7D\u00d7H) mm<\/span><\/p><\/td>


Weight (kg)<\/span><\/p><\/td>





6000+ (90%DOD,25\u2103)<\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>

Electrical Characteristics<\/span><\/strong><\/p><\/td><\/tr>

Voltage Window (V)<\/span><\/p><\/td>


Charge Current (A)<\/span><\/p><\/td>


Max Charge Current (A)<\/span><\/p><\/td>


Max Discharge Current (A)<\/span><\/p><\/td>


Operation Environment<\/span><\/strong><\/p><\/td><\/tr>

Charge Temperature (\u2103)<\/span><\/p><\/td>

0\u2103\uff5e<\/span>45\u2103 (Optimum15\u2103<\/span>\uff5e<\/span>30\u2103)<\/span><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>

Discharge Temperature (\u2103)<\/span><\/p><\/td>

\ufe6320\u2103<\/span>\uff5e<\/span>50\u2103 (Optimum5\u2103<\/span>\uff5e<\/span>45\u2103)<\/span><\/span><\/p><\/td><\/tr>

Storage Temperature (\u2103)<\/span><\/p><\/td>


Storage Humidity (RH)<\/span><\/p><\/td>


Working Humidity (RH)<\/span><\/p><\/td>


Protection Class<\/span><\/p><\/td>



Executive Standards<\/span><\/p><\/td>


ME Certifications<\/span><\/p><\/td>


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