On-grid Residential Energy Storage System Gripline-10-Schneider

On-grid Residential Energy Storage System Gripline-10-Schneider

•Rated AC Output :6800W
•Grid type: 120V/240V single phase,60Hz
•Battery Voltage: 48V
•Nominal Energy: 9.6 kWh( expand to 100kWh)
•Dimension:Battery W19.2″×D10.6″×H57″ / Inverter W16″xD9″xH23
•Cycle life : 6000@90%DOD 0.5C
•Warranty: 10 years limited warranty
•Certificate: UL1642, UL1973,IEC62133, UN38.3 UL1741SA, RULE21, HECO 14H
•Communication: Canbus / RS485
•Remote control and monitoring : Web-based and Mobile App


on-grid Solar Energy Storage built-in Lithium Ion Battery 


Range Summary:

 FNS Gripline-10--Schneider is fully-integrated residential energy storage, management, and monitoring system that includes 9.6kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries and a 6.8kW battery inverter controlled by intelligent software.

Gripline-10--Schneider is the smart home battery energy storage system specially designed for homeowners to protect against blackouts and reduce peak-time charges.

Intelligent user-friendly APP is available on both web and mobile phone and can be accessed from anywhere through the internet and provide analytics and insight on solar production, load consumption, and battery SOC. 

Together with Schneider Electric’s broad range of Conext™ solar products, the Conext™ XW Pro is the ideal solution for solar and storage requirements that comply with evolving grid codes. • Rule 21 compliant with a planned development roadmap to meet other utility requirements in North America • Integrated with Conext™ Gateway and Conext™ Insight 2 for simpliied system coniguration and powerful remote monitoring & control • Interoperates with solar charge controllers and PV inverters in AC-coupled conigurations


Utility Bill Savings

Eligible for investment tax credits (ITC& incentives         

Designed to guarantee a reliable and safe system

Energy Independence  

Manage with Ease

Eco-Friendly and low carbon footprint 


•Elegant, affordable and powerful

•All- in-one home battery solution

•Compatible with all solar power systems

•10kWh-100kWh capacity (4.8kWh increments)

•Modular system-add more capacity as required

•Inverter upgrade not required when expanding system

•Market-leading 10-year warranty 

•Smart battery-self-learning algorithm

•Easy to use, reliable and intelligent system monitoring

•Simple and cost friendly to retrofit to an existing solar panel system

•Indoor / Outdoor designed that is weatherproof

•Backed by the largest Chinese battery manufacturer with a record of quality and safety

•Cost effective and reliable

•93% round-trip efficiency (PV-battery-load)

•DC Coupling or AC Coupling system

•Automatically detects grid outages and transitions your home to backup power

•Automatic Generator start -up 

•System can be designed to be a partial home backup or a complete household


Schneider Conext™ XW Pro Hybrid Inverter/Charger

Device short name

Conext™ XW Pro for North America

Inverter AC output (standalone)

Out put power (continuous) at 25°C

6800 W

Overload 30 min/60 sec at 25°C

8500 W/12000 W

Output power (continuous) at 40°C

6000 W

Maximum output current 60 seconds (rms)

102 A (120 V); 52 A (240 V)

Output frequency (selectable)

50/60 Hz

Output voltage

L-N: 120 V +/- 3%; L-L: 240 V +/- 3%

Total harmonic distortion at rated power

< 5 %

Idle consumption search mode

< 8 W

Input DC voltage range

42 to 60 V (48 V nominal)

Maximum input DC current

180 A

Charger DC output

Maximum output charge current

140 A

Output charge voltage range

40 – 64 V (48 V nominal)

Charge control

Three stage, two stage, boost, custom

Charge temperature compensation

Battery temperature sensor included

Power factor corrected charging


Compatible battery types

Flooded (default), Gel, AGM, Lithium ion, custom

Battery bank range (scaled to PV array size)

440 – 10000 Ah

AC input

AC 1 (grid) input current (selectable limit)

3 – 60 A (60 A default)

AC 2 (generator) input current (selectable limit)

3 – 60 A (60 A default)

Automatic transfer relay rating/typical transfer time

60 A/8 ms

AC input voltage limits (bypass/charge mode)

L-N: 78 - 140 V (120 V nominal); L-L: 160 - 270 V (240 V nominal)

AC input frequency range (bypass/charge mode)

55 – 65 Hz (default) 52 – 68 Hz (allowable)

AC grid-tie output

Grid sell current range on AC1(selectable limit)

0 to 48 A (120 V) / 0 to 27 A (240 V)

Grid sell current range on AC1(auto adjusts entering sell mode)

L-N: 105.5 to 132 +/- 1.5 V; L-L: 211 to 264 +/- 3.0 V

Grid sell frequency range on AC1(auto adjusts entering sell mode)

59.4 to 60.4 +/- 0.05 Hz




CEC weighted eiciency


General specifications

Part number


Product/shipping weight

55.2 kg (121.7 lb)/76.7 kg (169.0 lb)

Product dimensions (H x W x D)

58 x 41 x 23 cm (23 x 16 x 9 in)

Shipping dimensions (H x W x D)

71.1 x 57.2 x 39.4 cm (28.0 x 22.5 x 15.5 in)

IP degree of protection

NEMA Type 1 Indoor

Operating air temperature range

-25°C to 70°C (-13°F to 158°F) (power derated above 25°C (77°F))


System monitoring and network communications


Intelligent features

Grid sell, peak load shave, generator support, prioritized consumption of battery or external DC energy

Auxiliary port

0 to 12 V, maximum 250 mA DC output, selectable triggers

Off-grid AC coupling

Frequency control

Regulatory approval


UL1741, CSA 107.1

EMC directive

FCC and Industry Canada Class B


IEEE 1547, UL 1741-SA, and CSA 107.1

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